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If you have an important document that needs to be translated by an ATA-certified translator, you’ve come to the right place.

Certain documents must be translated by an ATA-certified translator or they are sent back.

Some American institutions, such as universities and immigration agencies, require their documents to be translated by an ATA-certified translator.

Such documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts.

Why ATA certified?

The American Translators Association (ATA) certification for German into English is the only certification that truly matters.  

It is the most recognized, most prestigious, and highest level of certification an American translator can get.  

Some universities require international students transferring there to have their transcripts translated by an ATA-certified translator.

If the transcripts aren’t properly certified, the student can’t proceed with their application.

I’ve had students come to me who were transferring from German-speaking countries to the United States.

They had paid to have their transcripts translated by another translator, only to have them rejected because the translation wasn’t ATA-certified.

Don’t let the same happen to you!


Translations that require an ATA certified translator include:

*Students who are transferring from a German-speaking country to the United States.


Having served on faculties at American universities for 25 years and with a doctorate myself, I’m very familiar with what transcripts are supposed to look like.



Pricing is on a project-to-project basis. Contact me for a free non-obligatory quote.

Pricing depends on the scope of the project, what you need and when you need it.


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