Why Me?

Translating is all I do.

This is not a sideline for me—it’s what I do all day, every day. So I will be available for smooth communication and adherence to deadlines. You can count on it.

Law and business are all I translate.

I don’t think it’s possible to expertly translate an automotive manual one day, a surgeon’s report the next, and patent litigation the next. So I don’t. I stick to what I know best. And after five years of experience and over two million words translated, I stand by my product.

I aim for plain English, avoiding archaic phrases and obscure legalese. That being said, a translated document must precisely convey the same meaning as its original, so I take the time and do the research necessary to make this happen. This involves becoming familiar with the laws at stake, whether patents, EU directives, or the statutes enforced in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I am a native speaker.

I can’t emphasize this enough: I believe a translator should only translate into his or her native language. I’ve seen too many mistakes over the years, even from people claiming  to have “two native languages.”

I love what I do.

This can’t be overlooked; if a person is bored or unenthused with their profession, they will eventually become lackluster or run out of steam. At the heart of all of this striving for elegance, clarity and precision is a love and respect for the sound of the German language and the human relationships at the heart of law.

German-to-English Translations